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E-Liquid Flavors and Why They Are Better Than Regular Cigs

E-Liquid Flavors and Why They Are Better Than Regular Cigs

Regular smoking or traditional cigarettes have no flavor other than the taste of tobacco and nicotine that leave a odor that sticks to you and everything near you. E-Cigs though, come with different kinds of E-Liquids in many delicious and refreshing flavors, which not only taste good but also leave a good after-smell for those around you.

What E-Liquid Flavors Are There?

Every company offers a different variety of E-Liquid flavors, but the more the better. Here are some of the E-Liquid flavors that we offer:

  •          Raspberry Rebellion
  •          Alotta Mocha
  •          Mint Madness
  •          Red Cow
  •          Cherry Chase
  •          Cola Hit
  •          Tea Of Tranquility
  •          Apple Apocalypse
  •          Havana Cigar
  •          Pina Colada
  •          Chocolate Melt
  •          Creamy Caramel
  •          Tropical Twist
  •          Kentucky Fire
  •          Unicorn Tears
  •          Coffee Coffee Coffee
  •          Fag Packet
  •          Sublime Strawberry
  •          Tobacco Tempest
  •          Pineapple Pinch

Why are E-Liquids better than Regular Cigs?

E-Cigs come with different E-Liquids such as the ones stated above, and they taste like fresh and sweet flavors mixed with tobacco.

Heavy smokers can probably tell the difference immediately by the tastes of the tobacco being changed. But the question is, why not get a nicotine fix that can actually taste good instead of that horrible tobacco aftertaste that comes with regular cigarettes.

A lot of people who are addicted to smoking, or who smoke on a regular basis don’t approve of or like electronic cigarettes for the reason that they don’t taste anything like real cigarettes. But with so many delicious E-Liquid flavors to choose from, why not try them? There have also been many cases where people have started to use E-Cigs and gotten so addicted to the fruity and refreshing flavors, that they have quit real cigarettes and moved onto E-Cigs, for the sole reason that they taste amazing.

E-Cigs also come in different tobacco flavors for people who want that pure traditional cigarette taste in their mouths. A majority of these electronic cigarette companies do have a variety of tobacco flavored E-Liquid as well as fruity flavors. It is up to you to decide which one is the right taste for you. What might taste good to one person, might taste awful to another.

Also, if you are trying to quit smoking, and have been using E-Cigs, your body will want all the toxins it was receiving before, from traditional cigarettes. In such a case, you will want to switch back to your regular cigs. But if you have the willpower to quit smoking completely, your body will eventually adjust to the change and you will become entirely comfortable with E-Cigs and the delicious E-Liquid flavors that they come with.



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