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Are E-Cigarettes the New Trend Of 2016?

Are E-Cigarettes the New Trend Of 2016?

Due to the increased awareness that smoking traditional cigarettes which contain tobacco and nicotine can cause major health risks, people have now turned to E-Cigs for a healthier alternative. E-Cigs can either help you cut down your smoking habits or quit them altogether. They have now become the new social trend for 2016 and have become so common that everyone has one now. Let’s find out why.

E-Cigs Are Socially Acceptable

A lot of countries have banned smoking or at least, have tried to. A lot of restaurants and cafes in the cities we live in have also put a ban on smoking, or they keep a separate area for smokers, because cigarettes damage not only the smoker’s health, but also to the health of passive smokers. E-Cigs in contrast, have become such a new social trend that they have become socially acceptable in open areas because they don’t give off smoke that may harm you or the people around you.

Just as Effective as Traditional Cigarettes

E-Cigs have become a social trend because even without a pack of traditional cigarettes in your hand, you still get the same smoking sensation, without the harmful side effects. E-Cigs are allowed and welcomed anywhere in public areas.

What’s more, the nicotine levels in E-Cigs are controllable, so that you won’t have hard time when you crave for more nicotine or get tempted to go back to traditional cigarettes. Simply increase the level to continue with the trend.

The Delicious E-Cig Flavors

How can this not be a trend when you get to smoke delicious E-Cig flavors? Every company has different varieties of E-Liquids which come with your E-Cigs, and they consist of fresh and fruity flavors. These flavors generally include mint, coffee, pineapple, cherry, cola, caramel, strawberry, raspberry and so much more. The flavors are one of the major reasons why many heavy cigarette smokers have actually left their cigarette packs to switch to E-Cigs. Even nonsmokers are now using E-Cigs just to become a part of the trend and to try all the flavors.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Health with E-Cigs

If you are a nonsmoker, then you can use E-Cigs that have zero nicotine levels, just to be a part of this new social trend called ‘Vaping’. This way, you are also keeping up with the latest trends, having fun with your friends, and your health isn’t being put at risk either. For those who are already smoking cigarettes, E-Cigs give them the chance to reduce their nicotine levels if they are planning to quit smoking altogether.


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