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About SUCK.

Our company

A breath of fresh air (pun intended) for smokers.

SUCK. is a UK business that was formed to give smokers and vapers another way. We don't spend a fortune on product packaging or employ scantily clad models to pose while vaping in a dimly lit room for publicity shots. We are a strictly online-only business in order to keep our overheads low and our prices lower. We are simple, to the point and honest. We strive to always offer:

  • Top quality products
  • Lowest possible prices
  • Nothing but the best customer service
  • Constantly increasing range of products
  • 10% of profits to charity

Our team


Some people ask us how we type... 

We are few, but we are dedicated. We are creative, motivated and determined to provide a positive experience for every single customer. We want you to come back for more! All product design and online development is carried out in-house by our team to ensure that we can react and improve as quickly as possible (between drinks and biscuits obviously).


“Oh good god, what have I done? I'm hooked!

Carl Jenkins

“Yeah great, thanks, so much for him spending anything on me now!

Sara Jenkins