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Battery Safety Information

Always ensure you are using the correct USB charger for your battery. The USB chargers are specific to the battery type and are NOT interchangeable.

Please carefully read and ensure you fully understand the following important safety information:

  • ALWAYS charge a battery on a fire retardant surface.
  • ALWAYS dispose of dead or damaged batteries in the correct way.
  • ALWAYS Remove battery from USB IMMEDIATELY when charging light turns green.
  • NEVER carry a battery in your pocket with keys or loose coins.
  • NEVER Over tighten a battery in the charger.
  • NEVER Over tighten an atomiser onto a battery.
  • NEVER leave a charging battery unattended.
  • NEVER use a charger with frayed or damaged wires.
  • NEVER use a battery that has visible damage to the outer cover.
  • DO NOT Place the battery in fire or heat the battery.
  • DO NOT Pierce the battery in any way.
  • DO NOT Drop, strike or subject a battery to strong impact or shock.
  • DO NOT Solder onto, modify or dismantle the battery in any way.
  • DO NOT Expose a battery to water or salt water.
  • DO NOT Use the battery if there is any sign of damage.
  • DO NOT Place the battery near fire, cookers (or other high temperature locations), in direct sunlight or leave inside a vehicle during hot weather.
  • IMMEDIATELY cease use of a battery if it smells unusual, feels hot, changes colour or shape, or appears abnormal in any way.
SUCK. can not be held responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of batteries.